Anton Bondarev – The Secret of Beliefs and Superstitions: Mystical Slobidska Ukraine

Here is the next announcement from our “History. Art. Tradition” program. We welcome our partner from “Night of Kharkiv History” project that for more than two years has been elucidating different temporal layers of our region. The founder and chief of the project Anton Bondarev will present the captivating lecture “The Secret of Beliefs and Superstitions: Mystical Slobidska Ukraine”. “The dark side in people’s life – numerous superstitions, fragments of old demonology, beliefs regarding chorts, witches, ghouls, evil eye and so on. Some of the superstitions are truly pernicious; they emerge in villages from time to time and lead ignorant people to sin and imprisonment…” (from ethnographer Mykola Sumtsov book “The Slobidska Ukrainians: a historico-ethnographic study”, 1918).

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