Grift is a one man project

Grift is a one man project from rural Sweden, which performs original music fitting into melancholic black metal category. Its discography, released mostly through unique Swedish label Nordvis Produktion, contains two full-length records and a handful of EP’s and splits, at least one of which is commonly known among Ukrainian fans since it was made with none other than Drudkh. The music of Grift is dedicated to vulnerability and loneliness of human and any other living being in boundless and merciless world. An art intended for thinking listener, which can be described as black metal soundtrack for cinematic works of Bergman and Tarkovskiy.
In June of 2018 Grift will perform at Ragnar Reborn Nove Kolo fest in Kharkiv with full live line-up. Open your heart and mind for painful and beautiful emotional experience.

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