Overview of flights to Kharkiv

We expect a lot of guests from different parts of Europe to come to our festival, so we decided to explore the question of the convenience travelling to Kharkiv. It is very advantageous that there is an airport in Kharkiv so it improves logistics significantly.

As for the information that we took from two resources, one known to many people – KIWI and TRIPMYDREAM. The second resource is turned out to have more diverse proposals, so the basic information goes from there, but there are some nuances, so, double-check. We chose the festival dates and putting one day before and after the event.

Let’s start with direct flights.

First of all, Warsaw – Kharkіv. For 100 euros you will spend only two hours on the road.

For an hour and a half you fly from Minsk to Kharkiv. The ticket price is 165 euro now.
A direct fly from Istanbul will take about two hours. Tickets start from 180 euros.

A little longer to fly from Tel Aviv. The flight will take about three and a half hours, the ticket price is 210 euros now.

So, let’s consider the Scandinavian countries

From Helsinki to Kharkiv, you can fly either with one transfer (Kyiv / Minsk) or two (via Stockholm / Copenhagen / Riga). The ticket price in the economy class now ranges from 270 to 350 euros. With one transfer you spend on the road from 4 to 8 hours, with two of them the flight can take up to 18 hours.

It is much more profitable to fly from Stockholm: there is only one transfer and the price range is 220-230 euro. The journey will take you about 4-5 hours.

From Oslo you can also fly with one transfer, and with two. With this a flight with two transfers not always will take longer. The average ticket price is 240-360 euros. The average flight time from 6 to 18 hours. Flights duration could be very different, so be careful.
So, it’s easiest to fly to Kharkiv from Stockholm for very reasonable money. Perhaps even easier to get to Stockholm, and then by plane to Kharkiv.

Let’s come back to Western Europe

Talking of Germany we noticed that flying from Berlin and Munich it’s possible with the same conditions. If we fly with one transfer, almost always in Warsaw, it’ll take us on average from 5 to 20 hours (be careful when choosing a flight), and the cost of economy class will be from 200 to 220 euros, but from Berlin the flight is a little cheaper.

As for Paris: here is an example for comparing services. On KIWI tickets are not on sale yet, on TRIPMYDREAM there is everything already. (For comparison we chose other dates a month earlier: KIWI tickets are from 246 euros, on TRIPMYDREAM from 216 euro)

Let’s consider connecting flights from Paris (in Kyiv or Warsaw), tickets are 230-260 euros, and it could take you from 6 to 24 hours.

If someone will fly from Italy, then a flight from Milan will be more profitable. Ticket price is about 130 euros, the flight itself will take 6 to 20 hours, depending on the flight.

Exactly the same situation with London. Ticket costs from 130 euros, the flight time is from 6 to 20 hours.

As we are also waiting for guests from Greece, let’s have a look at Athens. In general it will take you 6 hours, if you take a long-haul flights – about 20-22 hours. The cost of tickets is now 210-290 euro with one transfer in Kyiv or Istanbul.

To sum up: to fly to us in Kharkiv for the festival METAL EAST 19 can be relatively inexpensive and comfortable. At the links I left the results of my research so you can see that everything is real. In addition, if you take flight tickets with a long transfer, then on the same resources you can find beneficial offers of accommodation in order to rest between transfers and make the wait shorter with comfort.

Again, we found the cost of tickets for today for the festival days. The closer to the dates, the more expensive tickets are. And there is one pleasant aspect: at the last moment there could be a big discount on the tickets, but we’d rather not hope and book everything in advance.

As for Ukrainian guests, there are some goodies too: UIA offers lowcost tickets around Ukraine if you book for 8-10 months in advance so that you can travel around Ukraine quickly and comfortably.

Come to visit us, we will be pleased to see you!

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