Premium Ticket for three days – Metal East: Nove Kolo 2021


E-ticket. Immediately after payment you will receive an e-mail with entry ticket, which can be exchanged for a bracelet at the festival entrance.

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Ticket for all three days of the festival.

Advantages of a premium ticket:

  1. Beer, water and other drinks are free and unlimited.
  2. The best places to enjoy the show: access to the balcony in the concert hall.
  3. Access to the VIP-zone, where the musicians also have rest during the festival.
  4. Free Wi-Fi on the territory of the festival.
  5. Eco-bag with festival souvenirs:
    • exclusive VIP-badge with a souvenir tape;
    • festival poster;
    • a special autograph set (leaflets for autographs with an exclusive envelope).

Date and venue:

28, 29, 30 May 2021
Ukraine, Kharkiv, Plekhanivska str., 126M
Art-zavod “Mechanica. Inaya Zemlya”


  • Grave (Sweden)
  • Taake (Norway)
  • Primordial (Ireland)
  • Nokturnal Mortum (Ukraine)
  • Asphyx (Netherlands)
  • Sarkrista (Germany)
  • Saor (Scotland)
  • Fuath (Scotland)
  • The Ruins Of Beverast (Germany)
  • Darvaza (Italy / Norway)
  • Djevel (Norway)
  • GreyAblaze (Ukraine)
  • Orbstruct (Ukraine)
  • Violent Omen (Ukraine)
  • Stryvigor (Ukraine)
  • Colotyphus (Ukraine)
  • Bergrizen (Ukraine)
  • Sectorial (Ukraine)
  • White Ward (Ukraine)
  • Këkht Aräkh (Ukraine)