Legendary Finnish black metal brigade Horna Official

The time has come to make a final band announcement for Ragnard Reborn Nove Kolo festival line-up – and this is legendary Finnish black metal brigade Horna Official ! While many famous representatives of second wave of black metal from Scandinavian countries have been following the experimental or even commercial path after severe nineties, Finnish underground scene has been remaining loyal to musical and ideological values of that very black metal, the flame of which scared some and enchanted others back in 1993. This was the time of Horna creation. The band released its first demo in 1995 and the first full-length album in 1998. After that followed countless records from Horna itself and many projects led by its members, all representing the different shades of one color – deadly black.
Don’t miss the possibility to witness the true ritual of black metal art at Ragnad Reborn Nove Kolo in June of 2018 in Kharkiv!

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