Ulvegr is a project, led by Helg

Ulvegr is a project, led by Helg, one of the busiest musicians on Ukrainian metal scene, and dedicated to black metal in its classic, pure and orthodox form. After three albums of traditional Nordic black metal in 2017 Ulvegr made an unexpected turn and released “Titahion: Kaos Manifest”, heavily inspired by ancient mystic civilizations of Egypt, Babylon and Sumer, and thus reminding of other well-known entity from Kharkiv, Blood of Kingu. The year of 2018 brings the new Ulvegr record with new conception, but same grimness and ferocity, as well as return of the project to concert activity.
Expect nothing but a cruel black metal storm during Ulvegr show in Kharkiv at Ragnard Reborn Nove Kolo fest in June of 2018!

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